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Our very own Titanium Glass Scribe™
Titanium Glass Scribe
Our Titanium Glass Scribe™ is a new and improved titanium pen designed for use in signing your works of glass. In addition, it works extremely well for laying down fine electro-conductive lines in the process of electro-forming on glass. This scribe uses a much purer grade of titanium than other 'ti pens' on the market today, and it's able to lay down a smoother, and much more visible line - with a fraction of the effort needed with others pens. It combines two writing points - fine and medium - in one convenient 6 inch long tool. Best of all it will last forever, it can be sharpened and reshaped with sandpaper or an emery board!

Closeup of  the titanium lines 
This is a closeup of the titanium lines which were drawn on the surface of the glass with our Titanium Glass Scribe™ The lines are drawn on the surface of the glass with about the same ease as using a ball point pen! The surface of the glass is not scratched, but the titanium is almost impossible to remove from the surface of the glass!
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