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Playing with Fire! - Glassworks & Gallery is a state-of-the-art studio/teaching facility and gallery. We're happy to be offering classes and workshops in a great, well-outfitted studio space (13' ceilings, very comfortable and roomy)- the building is on Main Street in Rockland, just before the Ferry Terminal. The studio is located at the lower level/harborside of the building, and is, conveniently, right in the historic downtown area with shops, galleries, restaurants/lodging, the harbor, the Lighthouse Museum, the Wyeth Center, the Farnsworth Art Museum, and, The Center for Maine Contemporary Art.
The studio has 11 flameworking positions for instruction in both soft and hard glass with dual-fuel torches. Each position has quick disconnects to interchange a variety of torches, and easy access to several annealers. You may bring your own favorite torch if you so choose! Our fuel sources are: tanked Liquid Oxygen, and a 1000 gallon Liquid Propane tank. We have an exciting line-up of teachers and workshops planned for the coming year, as well as open-torch time! We also have a glass furnace (electric/Moly-D, 300 lb pot capacity) in the studio. We have electroforming set-ups, cold working equipment, diamond lap wheels and saw, as well as a sand blasting station.
If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to give us a call. Thank you, we look forward to hearing from you!
Ongoing Studio Classes
We offer classes in Glass Beadmaking - Flameworking, and off-mandrel work such as pendants, marbles, sculpture and special focus workshops. Our classes are in both soft, and hard glass. Classes repeat occasionally throughout the year.
Most of these classes are offered in the form of intensive 2 day classes. If you see a class that you are interested in and the schedule does not work for you, please contact us and we will try to set-up a class that will fit your needs.
Create-a-Class: In addition to posted workshop dates, we’ll schedule a class for three or more students… so if you’re ready to melt glass, gather your group and give us a call!
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Spiral with electroformed copper - by E. Slawson ©2007

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Visiting Artist schedule & Studio Workshops & Events - 2017
January February March
 April May June

Ginger Seiple - Metalsmithing
May 19, 20, 21

Fri:  Cold-connection ring technique
Sat:  Forged Faceted Bangles
Sun:  Hydraulic Press Wave Bracelets

Beginning Borosilicate Glass -Transition from Soft Glass —
Intensive 2 Day

July August September

October November December
  -  See our Class List from last year 2014  -

'Beadmaking/Flameworking' classes (soft and hard glass,
beginning and intermediate levels)
--call for schedule--or schedule your own 'Create-A-Class' for three or more;
Individual Instruction also available.

We are proud to announce we are now selling our very own Titanium Glass Scribe™
Titanium Glass Scribe
Our Titanium Glass Scribe™ is a new and improved titanium pen designed for use in signing your works of glass. In addition, it works extremely well for laying down fine electro-conductive lines in the process of electro-forming on glass.
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