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This page contains full descriptions of all of the studio classes that we offer. If you have any questions please call us.
The Schedules page has a constantly changing listing of scheduled classes, dates and times.

Create-a-Class: In addition to posted workshop dates, we’ll schedule a class for three or more students… so if you’re ready to melt glass, gather your group and give us a call!

To Enroll:
Please give us a call to confirm your space, and then download our Class/Workshop enrollment form, and mail with your payment by check or credit card, or Fax your form to us with your credit card info.
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Beadmaking - Flameworking I

This workshop will introduce the student to the basics of mandrel-wound glass beadmaking by the process of flameworking (lampworking) —shaping of glass at a bench-mounted, surface-mix oxygen/propane torch. We’ll discuss safety, tools, terminology of glass, and process. Each student will have access to a torch position and will melt and form glass using a variety of hand tools.  
There will be ample opportunity for hands-on torch-time; the student will practice the techniques demonstrated, and there will be time to experiment and explore possibilities. Students will make a variety of colorful beads which will be annealed overnight, and will be available by the next day’s class time during which the student will learn proper mandrel removal, and bead-cleaning technique. The beads produced during the last class session may be picked up the following day or may be mailed.
Maximum class size: 6 with 2 instructors
We offer our classes: Intensive 2 day; and custom formats for school groups & individual groups.

(see current schedule for dates and times).
- all materials included......... $300

Beadmaking - Flameworking II

A continuation of the basics of the ‘Beadmaking I’—this workshop will enhance and expand the student’s basic abilities to shape glass with mandrel-wound, as well as off-mandrel techniques.
Advanced surface treatment and decorative techniques—e.g., effects of reduction, frits, and metals application—will be covered. More advanced tool-use and manipulation of glass will be demonstrated. Proper studio set-up—including ventilation and choice of tools—will be addressed. Students should come prepared with a notebook and questions. Each student will have the opportunity to work on specific areas of interest or address problem spots that he or she may be experiencing.
There will be plenty of hands-on torch-time allowing the student the opportunity to apply new techniques, experiment, and gain assistance where needed. Beads will be annealed overnight. The beads produced during the last class session may be picked up the following day or may be mailed.
Maximum class size: 9 with 2 instructors

We offer our classes: Intensive 2 day; and custom formats for school groups & individual groups.
(see current schedule for dates and times).

- all materials included......... $300
Intermediate Beadmaking Class -

This is the class for a person who wishes to add some techniques to their beadmaking repertoire.
Some of the techniques that have been requested: Blown beads, blown vessels (essential oil vessels/amulets), silver leaf and silver ivoried stringer (prep and application), end caps and encalmo, masking with glass, zanfirico (making of, and application)...

Any other requests?? Let us know what you'd like to see. The class will create a list of desired demos on the day of the class, and we'll try to cover as many as possible.
9:30-4:30 (w/open torch time after supper break).

The charge: $150/student/day for our minimum of 3 students.
For a group of 4+ students : $125/student/day.

Beginning Borosilicate Glass -- Transition from Soft Glass

Beginning Borosilicate Glass — This is an intensive two day workshop designed as a transition class for students who have had some experience working with soft glass and have a desire to enter the world of hard glass. Students will work both on-mandrel and off-mandrel and will learn to make a variety of beads and pendants. A hands-on class — we will explain and then demo various techniques and then work with students to perfect them. A low student/teacher ratio provides individual attention and ensures that the student will leave with a good foundation in working with borosilicate glass.

Boro Technique: How does it differ from soft glass - We will work on dual-fuel torches and will start with getting a feel for the boro by learning to gather, push marias, and then striping color on clear rods and pulling it into cane for use in beads and off mandrel work. We will build both simple, as well as complex canes. We'll then wrap some of the canes on mandrels, and learn different methods for shaping our beads. Once we have made a few beads we will show you the joy of encasing with crystal clear boro...and then we'll explore the wonders of clear frit and clear overlays for some truly exciting decorating techniques.

Color development: A major focus will be on discussions and demos for color development with some of the luscious reactive silver colors, color development by selective flame-striking, as well as kiln striking.

Also covered will be the fundamentals of heat control, punti work, and colored glass application including the use of stringers as well as frits and powders in surface color and pattern decoration as well as the basics of implosions. There will be room to expand on all of these techniques for those students who have a bit of experience in playing with boro, too. The two-day format is flexible enough to accommodate beginning boro students of differing backgrounds and skills.

Please call to register. 207.594.7805

2 Days (see current schedule for dates and times).
Maximum class size: 6 with 2 instructors
$300 + $40 materials fee (boro color and clear glass)
Visiting Artists’ Workshops -

Special-focus workshops. Please look at our schedules pages.
Individualized Instruction
This is for the beginning, as well as for the more advanced student~by appointment. This is a one-on-one environment, where you receive the full attention of the instructor. Work on refining existing skills or learn new ones, this instruction can go in any direction you wish. Please call us or stop by to discuss your needs and desires.
$65.00 per hour

Open Torch TimeStudio Rental of Flameworking/Lampworking Facilities

Hourly torch and annealer rental… practice your skills with other lampworkers between classes in a friendly and creative space. Get to work with and try different torches. All tools are supplied... of course you may bring and use any of your own favorites too. Do bring your your own glass, or you may purchase glass from us.
Regularly, Wednesday and Thursday evenings 5:30-9:30 pm (earlier in the day is always possible, just call).

 Other days: by chance or appointment . Call 594-7805 to reserve your space.

Open Torch Rate: $10/hour

Includes: Selection of torches, tools, didymium glasses, mandrels, digitally controlled annealing.

'Frequent Flamer' Cards
(make great gifts!)
$55/6 hrs
$110/14 hrs

Refund and Cancellation Policy -

Refunds due to student cancellations: If a student must withdraw from a workshop there will be no refund or studio credit-unless we are able to fill the seat from a wait list, and only when the new student fees are paid in full, we will refund the workshop fee (minus a $75.00 cancellation fee). We ask that the student let us know that a withdrawal is pending as soon as possible in order that we may make that seat available. Notice of student's cancellation must be made in writing (mail/fax/email).

If the studio or instructor must cancel or reschedule a workshop for any reason, the workshop may be rescheduled, and the student will be given the choice of rescheduling or full refunding of fees. The studio will not be responsible for costs incurred for non-refundable tickets, transportation/lodging costs, or any other expenses incurred by the student due to studio/instructor cancellation/rescheduling of a workshop.

We reserve the right to change our rates and schedules at any time.
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